Policy & Procedures


Only one person from each professional classification is permitted to join the Best of the Best Business Group. Likewise members are allowed to represent ONLY ONE classification occupation in this group.

No background check or confirmation of licensure or insurance coverage with regard to any Member has been performed or obtained. Referring Members are not responsible for the acts of other Members.


An individual cannot be a member of any other networking group that allows only one person per profession, as this will hurt the integrity of our group.


One-Time $100.00 membership fee; Monthly dues for Breakfast & Lunch groups range from $88.00-$104.00, There are no refunds. Dues will be set up on auto pay for the 15th of the prior month . Dues are not based on food or how many meetings there are. 


8 absences are allowed per year, you should send a sub and it will not count as a absent. All substitutes (may introduce themselves by name only). You should brief them prior to the meeting that they are there representing YOU. 3 times leaving early and/or late equals an absent. You must stay at the meeting for a minimum of ¾ of the meeting in order for it not to count as an absence.


Are weekly (except for holidays). Meetings start promptly and are preceded by ten minutes of networking. Anyone arriving late, will be marked late, Your presence is required for the entire meeting, with exceptions.
— Greet all guest
— Dress appropriately
For the Men in the group must wear a minimum of collared shirt and no flip flops
(professional business attire) people will form an opinion about you by your image, body language and vocabulary. Your appearance and actions are congruent with your professionalism and the reputation of your company. The more attention you pay to your image, the less you need to convince people that you can be trusted.


Are always welcome. Current members who have a concern with a visitor, or foresees a conflict with a potential member, must address those concerns with David Chirico only.


All referrals must be filled out online.
1- Referral will be counted only the first time it is given and not on continued service 


The membership list is for members only with personal contact information and the tracking of the referral that are given or received etc. created for the purpose of giving referrals within the group and should not be used solicit business or given to outsiders.
— it's your responsibility to make sure your information is correct Personalized referral Brochure (tri-fold) is available to all members for a nominal cost.


To avoid spam and the like, all emails must be submitted to David Chirico for distribution to the group.


All electronic devices must be silenced during the meeting. If during the meeting it becomes necessary to leave or answer a call, please leave the meeting as discreetly as possible.

A member's classification will be opened for failure to comply with any of these policies & procedures.

David Chirico

office 561-316-7709
mobile 561-723-4600