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The goal of the Best of the Best networking group is to bring together a group of palm beach local business owners and professionals who are truly best-in-class in their respective industries, and create a sense of responsibility for each member’s growth and success. Our members make every effort to learn about each member’s business, gain trust and confidence, refer high quality prospects and enthusiastically promote each other whenever possible. Through the voluntary exchange of ideas and feedback, group members will help other members network more effectively and convert prospects to customers. Creating an ongoing win-win partnership with each and every member is paramount to the success of the group and is the collective responsibility of the group.

David Chirico

Founder & President David Chirico PA has been networking all his life. In 1997 he started running professionally organized business referral groups until 2006, when he started his own group, The Best Of The Best Networking Group. David is a top producing Real Estate Agent, and owner of ANC Home Management. Presently he is a Founder/Chairman of Networking To Help Children Inc., Member of the Moose Lodge, Sir Knight with Knights Of Columbus, Served as President of the Son’s of Italy Nonprofit Organization and Board member of Palm Club Association

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